Helpful information regarding our Services

How ContentInk Group can help your business to grow

We provide you with complete Digital Marketing & Advertising services for your business. We research your audience and create an effective marketing strategy for it. Our teams of professionals produce engaging ads and content that help you to get leads and customers. Check more about our services here.

What Marketing services we provide

We can assist you with Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Outbound Marketing, Direct Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Advertising.

What are our service charges?

Please check out the Pricing page for complete details regarding our service fee.

What is the process to get an SEO content writing service?

To get SEO content for your business, you only need to tell us about your blog post title. Then, we will research the topic and find the best SEO keywords. After researching, we will write a unique, plagiarism-free, & SEO friendly blog post for your business.

What are our charges?

We charge a very reasonable fee for our services. For content writing, we charge according to words. And for copywriting, we charge per page. You can get an idea about our complete service rates on our pricing page.

How to initiate a Marketing or Advertising project with ContentInk Group?

We have designed various types of Marketing monthly packages for your business. You can pick any of those according to your budget and then we can initiate your project. If you have any specific requirements for Digital Marketing or Digital Advertising then you can simply contact us. We will design a specific package to work on your project.

How we will work project?

Process of our Working:

  • First, you need to select a preferable Content Marketing package for your business

  • Then we will do complete market and audience research of your business

  • After it, we will create engaging and unique value-added contents for your targeted audience

  • Then, we will distribute those contents through various internet channels 

  • After publishing the Contents, we will track the engagement reports of each content

  • Then we will work on the sales funnel to manage leads and existing customers

Where to contact to initiate a Marketing or Advertising project?

Check our Contact Page for our contact details.