List of our Business Services:

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Digital Marketing Services

Marketing is a very crucial part of your business. It takes lots of research work to come up with a proper marketing strategy. You have to find your targeted audience, ideal customer, customer behavior, and purchasing triggers. If you don’t know or don’t have time for your marketing-related tasks, then we can assist you with all the Marketing Related tasks. We provide complete Inbound & Outbound Marketing Solutions for your business.

Our services:

  • Content Marketing

  • Marketing Funnel Building

  • Social Media Marketing (Managing, Designing and Writing)

  • Facebook Page Managing & Marketing

  • Instagram Marketing

  • Google Ad Marketing

  • Audience Research Report 

  • Website SEO Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Complete Marketing Management 

Advertising Service

Ads work as a salesman for your business. They communicate directly with your audience and convince them to choose your product or service. That’s why your ad needs to be written, designed, and placed very carefully, otherwise, you may not get a good ROI on your advertising. To make your advertising effective and responsive, we assist you with every advertising task. 

Our Services:

  • Social Media Paid Advertising

  • Google Ads

  • Email Marketing

  • Writing & Designing Services For Online and Offline Advertising

  • Landing Page 


Business Writing Services

We provide you with professional writing services for your Website and Marketing. SEO contents are the source of organic traffic on your website.

However, your article needs to be SEO optimized. Right placement of SEO keywords and images make it SEO friendly. Our professional writers know it very well. We always try to deliver you those contents that can enhance your SEO, educate your audience, and bring in good organic traffic for you. 

Our Services:

  • SEO Content Writing Services

  • Copywriting Services

  • Blog Writing

  • Social Media Writing 


Our Service Features

Unique & Plagiarism Free Work

Piyush Prajapat. Owner: Contentink Group

Piyush Prajapat

Owner: ContentInk Group

Piyush is working in the field of Digital Marketing, Advertising & Business Writing since 2015. He has worked with various Companies, Travel Agencies, E-Commerce Businesses & Start-Ups. He has done his post-graduation degree in M.B.A (Marketing). In 2019, he established Contentink Group for providing a wide range of professional services to online Businesses.